About Matae

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Change in any context is generally hard work.

It’s usually managed via spreadsheets and separate systems, requires the mashing of internal datasets and often relies on leaders having to remember to provide updates and keep things on track.

We’ve been there and experienced the frustration from both the client and consulting side. We believe as an industry, change management hasn’t adapted and benefited from digital innovation and is in need of its own digital transformation.

That’s why we created Matae, to upgrade the way we do change. We applied our personal experience and incorporated global best practice in change management, applied behaviour science & digital communication to create a solution that brings change management into the digital age.

We feel its time change management had a transformation of its own. We hope you do too.

Our Vision

We exist to empower business leaders to effectively implement change and deliver a positive employee experience while achieving their business growth aspirations.

Our Values


We maintain a growth mindset, ideate and adapt quickly.

Trusted Partners

We work with our partners as equals and honour mutual respect.

People Focused

We keep the human experience at the forefront of everything we do.


We love what we do and help make change a positive experience.


We acknowledge the privilege of working with our partners in and on their business.

The story behind the name

"Matae is named after Maté, a traditional South American drink made by soaking dried leaves of yerba maté in hot water. It is traditionally drunk from a single shared cup using a special metal straw or bombilla. I discovered Maté mountaineering in the Bariloche region of Argentina. My introduction to Maté was sharing this drink amongst a group of fellow adventurers when we stopped to re-energise at the end of long days climbing in the Andes mountains.

When I think of Maté I think of more than a drink. It is a reinvigorating tonic around which people connect, share their stories, their triumphs and their challenges in pursuit of their summit. My vision is that the Matae Collective Leadership Activation Platform is the focal point around which your leaders and project teams connect and engage to manage the changes required to reach your organisation's summit."

– Matt Dragun, Advance Change Founder & Matae Managing Director

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