Reshape the future of change

The problem

For the vast majority of businesses, one of the biggest opportunities to improve results lies in unlocking how to manage change more effectively. We know;

of all change efforts fail.
Lack of leadership engagement has been identified as the #1 cause of failure.
‘Wasted’ annually on change management activities in the US.
Of employees do not feel change agile.

Better change = better business outcomes

Matae is more than just a digital change management platform; it’s an enabler of rapid, scalable and repeatable change. It provides leaders with a personalised change portal at their fingertips enabling them to connect easily with project teams and sponsors to plan, prioritise, track and lead change every day.

For change managers or project teams, Matae is an integrated solution that creates efficiencies and provides actionable insights so they can focus their effort where it counts. Above all, Matae enables organisations to build the internal capability to implement change more effectively and efficiently for better business results both now and into the future.

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