Support Service Level Agreement

1. Parties

The parties to this Agreement are: Advance Change Pty Ltd (Matae) (Client)

2. Term of SLA

The term of this Agreement will be 12-months from the Commencement Date (Initial Term) and may be extended for an additional twelve (12) months (Term) if agreed by both parties in writing.

3. Scope of Service

The scope of this Agreement (Service) is as follows:

  • Responding to support requests in accordance with the Support Levels detailed within the Targeted Response Times.
  • Maintain the Client’s Matae software, per the Uptime level as at the level the software was configured as at the Commencement Date.
  • Telephone and email support (up to 120-minutes per month) related to support requests only.

4. Service Exclusions

This Agreement does not consider (Exclusions):

  • New software feature development or integration.
  • Improvement of existing software features or integrations.
  • Cosmetic alterations or improvements to the software.
  • Other miscellaneous software fixes.
  • Maintenance or support of configuration or deployment changes to the
  • software, beyond what existed in the software at the Commencement Date.
  • Software testing and work related thereto.
  • Database configuration or repairing data queries.
  • Training of the Client.
  • Deployment of the software into the Client’s environment and subsequent
  • onboarding.
  • Support, management or maintenance of third party
  • integrations with the software.
  • Errors that have arises as a result of third-party software providers and/or
  • implementation.
  • Management or assistance with viruses, security breaches.
  • Errors caused by incorrect use of the software by the Client.

In the event the Client requires support with respect to the above, Advance Change Pty Ltd may agree to provide this service and will document and scope the service in a Statement of Work.

5. Uptime

Advance Change Pty Ltd will maintain a 99% uptime of the Client’s Matae software.

6. Support Levels

There are two (2) support levels under this Agreement:

P1 (Critical)
A systems failure which prevents a user from using mission-critical aspects of the Client’s Matae software. No workaround is possible for the failure and the entire software/solution is unusable due to the failure.

P2 (Non-Critical)
A non-critical error or issue which does not prevent a user from using mission-critical aspects of the Client’s Matae software. A workaround may exist for the error to allow the software/solution to remain usable.

7. Target Response Times*

Incident response times will be as follows:

P1 (Critical)

  • Initial Response Time: 4 hours.
  • Target Resolution Time: 8 hours.

P2 (Non-Critical)

  • Initial Response Time: 16 hours.
  • Target Resolution Time: 40 hours.
  • Advance Change Pty Ltd will use its best endeavours to meet the Initial Response Time and provide a resolution to the issue within the Target Resolution Time. In the event Advance Change Pty Ltd is likely to exceed a target time, the Client will be notified. *Note these hours refer to times within Support Hours only

8. Support Requests

The parties will utilise a customer support service platform to identify, document and manage support requests under this Agreement (Jira Service Manager).

The process for the parties to lodge a support request is as follows:

  • Describe the system error or issue in as much detail as possible (written
  • description, screen shot, comments) and place this detail in a ticket.
  • Categorise the ticket with the appropriate Support Level (P1or P2), in
  • accordance with the descriptions provided above and;
  • Log the ticket in the customer service platform.
  • If the incident is a P1, dial the telephone number of the clients nominated
  • Advance Change Pty Ltd Support Lead or Account Manager and notify them of the ticketed support request.

9. Reporting

Advance Change Pty Ltd will utilise reporting and monitoring software (Uptime Robot) to track the performance of the Client’s Matae software. The Client will have access to this reporting and monitoring software at all times. Advance Change Pty Ltd will provide the Client with a report of the software performance at the conclusion of each calendar month.

P1 incidents will be documented following Advance Change Pty Ltd incident response policy and emailed to the Client upon the resolution of the issue.

10. Support Hours

Advance Change Pty Ltd’s hours of support and contact are as follows:

  • Monday - Friday: 6:00am - 5:00pm WST
  • Weekend: P1 Only
  • Public Holiday: P1 Only

11. Client Responsibility

The Client must provide Advance Change Pty Ltd with all necessary access to Client information in order to provide the Service.

The Client must respond to Advance Change Pty Ltd emails and telephone calls promptly and also notify Advance Change Pty Ltd promptly of incidents as and when they arise. If the Client is delayed in responding to Advance Change Pty Ltd for any reason, these delays will not be factored into any penalty that may apply to Advance Change Pty Ltd.

The Client must nominate a designated contact for the purposes of communications under this Agreement and in the event this nominated contact is changed, immediately notify Advance Change Pty Ltd.

12. Termination

In the event of a breach of this Agreement, either party may provide fourteen (14) day written notice to the other to rectify the breach. In the event the breach is not rectified within time, or to the level required, the Agreement may be terminated.

In the event of a serious breach of this Agreement, either party may terminate without notice to the other.

This Agreement terminates at the conclusion of the Initial Term in the event there is no agreement between the parties to proceed to a Subsequent Term.