Sydney Showcase Key Learnings

September 7, 2023

Our showcase events were a great success, attended by change professionals and executives from over 35 organisations and we were genuinely humbled by the feedback we received.


See below our key take-aways from the conversations we had with the attendees.


From Change Managers

  • Change Managers find it difficult to illustrate the direct links between change activities and business outcomes.
  • Change management is about the people. The data and tooling can help change managers facilitate and inform conversations with leaders – but they’ll never replace the role.
  • There is consensus that the biggest gap for change managers is a lack of frameworks and tools that support activities from post go-live to sustain phase.
  • Building organisational change management capability outside of the change team, either among project managers or leaders, is an emerging trend driven by volume of change and the current economic climate.
  • Creating a single view of change is time consuming, labour intensive and instantly out-of-date.


From Executives

  • Benefit realisation is the number one priority, with new roles emerging in the space. These roles are directly accountable for tracking and delivering on business case value commitments.
  • The size of technology-related change portfolios and investment is large and only continuing to grow.
  • Projects are very good at front-loading investment in solution design and readiness change activities, with a huge imbalance in post go-live investment, which is where the adoption/people risk lies.
  • Reliance on external consultants to deliver change poses significant risk of draining organisational capability.

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