The transformation and change challenge

70 - 94% of digital transformation programs fail to achieve their business objective.

Strategy implementation failure rate is as high as 90%

The People Challenge
Your tech is fine, it's the people who are getting in the way! You'll fail 84% of the time - not because of inadequate technology, lack of organisational capacity or funds.

Humans are the problem. And the solution.
Dr Corrie Block PhD, Forbes 2022
Why activate leaders?

Why projects fail

The reason projects fail is typically not due to technology issues, strategy design or poor project management, but due to people related challenges.

Continued use of old spreadsheets, under- utilisation of new data to inform decision making, failure to transition job responsibilities and poor participation in new collaboration rituals are some common examples of people challenges.

Success can only be achieved when people on the frontline change how they do their work – this behaviour change is critical to realising efficiencies and delivering maximum value from any new technology investment or strategy implementation.

Why Activate Leaders?

People leaders, your greatest lever

If you want change to stick, the actions of your people leaders are your most powerful weapon.

It's your people leaders who have the greatest influence on how frontline work gets done, not the CEO, department heads and definitely not project managers or change managers.

Without active and visible support from an employee's direct manager it’s near impossible to shift their behaviour.

Put simply, at work people are most interested in what interests their boss.

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