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Sydney Showcase Events

It was a privilege to host over 35 thought leaders from the Sydney change and transformation community last week. There was awesome energy in the rooms, and we received some great feedback!

Key Takeaways:

From Change Managers
- Change Managers find it difficult to illustrate the direct links between change activities and business outcomes.
- Change management is about the people. The data and tooling can help change managers facilitate and inform conversations with leaders – but they’ll never replace the role.
- There is consensus that the biggest gap for change managers is a lack of frameworks and tools that support activities from post go-live to sustain phase.
- Building organisational change management capability outside of the change team, either among project managers or leaders, is an emerging trend driven by volume of change and the current economic climate.
- Creating a single view of change is time consuming, labour intensive and instantly out-of-date. 

From Executives
- Benefit realisation is number one priority, with new roles emerging in the space. These roles are directly accountable for tracking and delivering on business case value commitments.
- The size of technology-related change portfolios and investment is large and only continuing to grow.
- Projects are very good at front-loading investment in solution design and readiness change activities, with a huge imbalance in post go-live investment, which is where the adoption/people risk lies.
- Reliance on external consultants to deliver change poses significant risk of draining organisational capability.


Matae Change Workspace

We are excited to share the launch of our latest product, the Matae Change Workspace. The Matae Change Workspace is the digital change toolkit you've always dreamed of without any requirement for IT integration or deployment support. Think the Jira, or even the Netflix for Change Professionals.


Transformation Insight

Mckinsey and Co emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to transformation. It underscores the significance of aligning leadership, culture, and capabilities, while also providing guidance on overcoming common challenges. The article ultimately encourages leaders to approach transformations as ongoing journeys rather than one-time events, fostering sustainable and impactful change within their organizations.





Australian Change Days

Are you heading to Australiasian Change Days? If so come and say hi at our virtual booth. We are proud to sponsor this amazing online change event. If you’ve never been, it’s a truly unique online professional development experience with a packed agenda of interactive workshops from some of the world’s leading change practitioners.

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