Winning in today's business environment through change!

In a 2019 Harvard Business Review survey, 80% of executives said they don't believe they understand the best ways to achieve agility and innovation in their business.

With the demand for effective change only growing since COVID, driven by emerging technologies, changes in geopolitics, increasing market volatility and supply chain disruptions the implications of this are profound.

The winners will be those business leaders who can solve this challenge to effectively and repeatedly execute change, at pace and at scale.

Matae = better business results

At Matae we recognise the critical link between change execution and business results. That's why we designed Matae not based on a specific change methodology or academic research, but based on our experience of delivering tangible business outcomes through effective change management.

Matae is an enabler of rapid, scalable and repeatable change. It provides organisations the tools to align around clear goals and collaborate effectively to implement any change and sustain the associated new behaviours.

Unleash true agility in your organisation and maximise the return on your change investment today with Matae!

Change and your business drivers

What we know about organisational change and business results

Value erosion

of change projects fall short of their original objectives according to a 2020 Bain & Co survey.

Org. capability
only 6%

of the US working population rates their organisation as highly effective across all four Gallop Change Mannagement Index measures that best predict change effectiveness.

Employee engagement

of employees whose organisation perform in the top quartile of the Gallop Change Management Index identify as engaged.

How Matae drives better change outcomes

McKinsey and Company sight Leadership (ownership and commitment), Effective Prioritisation, and Measurement and Tracking as the top 3 success factors for effective change implementation. See below how Matae ensures your organisation nail all three!

systemising collaboration


Matae systemises collaboration between change teams and leaders across all organisational levels (from senior executives to frontline supervisors) and in doing so, enables them to work together effectively, focus their efforts and drive change.​

Matae’s Microsoft TEAMS Change Leader app. brings change into the flow of leaders’ everyday work – shifting the mind-set from "change is a disruption to business as usual" to "change is what we do every day".

It simplifies change and provides role clarity for leaders and nudges best practice behaviours to help leaders support their teams adopt new ways of working.​

project coordination & insights

Effective prioritisation

Matae delivers a portfolio view of all change projects happening across entire organisations, enabling informed prioritization and improved decision making.​​

At a project level, Matae provides access to unique data sets and insights, allowing for issues to be easily identified and effort to be focused.

​In addition, parent and child projects can be created to enable better coordination across program streams in the management of more complex or Agile change programs. 

quantitative and qualitative measures

Measurement and tracking

Matae is a solution that reinforces enterprise-wide discipline in tracking execution and measuring return on investment (quantitative metrics) and impact (qualitative metrics) of change programs.​

It enables projects teams to define success and tracking measures from the outset of a project, assign ownership for progress reporting and automates reminders to ensure tracking gets done on-time, every time.

Plus Matae provides visibility of progress to all stakeholders, ensuring alignment and providing opportunities to celebrate success throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

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