Leadership the key change enabler and challange!

According to Procsi, executive sponsorship and visible leadership is the number one barrier to successful change implementation.

It would be an understatement to say that an organisation's collective leadership is critical to achieving their change goals. From senior executives to frontline supervisors, leaders across all levels of an organisation have a key role to play.

So how do you align and rally your collective leadership around what needs to change? And how do you activate leaders across all levels of your organisation to play their role and effectively lead change?

Change Managers and their teams are faced with these key questions everyday. It could be said that a change manager's most important responsibility is to influence the collective leadership in their business to effectively lead change. In large organisations this could mean influencing 1000s of leaders to play different roles across multiple change initiatives - no mean feat!

Matae unlocking change leadership

The concept of change leadership is nothing new. Many thought leaders in business have written of the importance of leading change. In 1991 Warren Bennis wrote “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. Despite this change leadership in the majority of organisations is still seen as a puzzle needing to be unlocked!

There are various roles that leaders may be required to play as part of a change program. From primary sponsor to change coalition lead to departmental communications figurehead to directly supporting their team members adopt new ways of working. These are all important roles requiring different engagement at different times and different skill-sets.

In most organisations leaders are expected to play the different roles with no tools! If change is critical to business success and managers are key to achieving change outcomes then this is akin to asking a coxswain to steer a rowing boat without a tiller, they will eventually get the crew over the finish line but it won't be fast or efficient.

Matae seeks to empower leaders at all organisational levels by providing them the tools to be effective leaders of change. Matae’s Microsoft Teams Change Leader app. simplifies change and provides role clarity for leaders enabling them to support their teams adopt new ways of working.

Matae also enables change teams to to deliver a personalised experience to leaders and in doing so, activate leaders at the relevant times and maximise leader engagement.

Tackle today’s opportunities and challenges with confidence and grow your leader's change capability for tomorrow with Matae – because the rate of change is only accelerating.

The solutions MATAE delivers to leaders

Change in the flow of work

Personalised experience

Instant connection to project teams

Centralised comms and resources

Repeatable & scalable process

Role clarity

Automated notifications & reminders

Real-time feedback and insights

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