Collective Leadership Activation

This occurs when leaders across all organisational levels are aligned, know what to do and their actions positively reinforce (at the right times) front-line employees new ways of working.

Matae is the only software solution dedicated to achieving this.

“When we say everyone at Microsoft can come in and do their very best work, they can only do that if they feel that the person closest to them in leadership is supporting them to do so.”

- Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Leadership is your greatest lever

If you want change to stick, the actions of your supervisors are your most powerful weapon.

Without active and visible support from direct managers it’s near impossible to shift employee behaviour.

Put simply, at work people are most interested in what interests their direct manager.

It's the collective that counts

Transformation and business improvement programs are typically complex with multiple changes impacting different teams, in different ways, at different times. It's impossible to move forward, let alone move fast, without moving together.

Leaders not only need to be aligned on the vision and what success looks like, but also be equipped to take action at the right times. When leaders fail to move as a synchronised collective, slippage and bottlenecks occur, and delays compound.

Matae enables you to choreograph the actions of leadership cohorts of any size across your entire organisation.

The leader attention window

All leaders are busy. They juggle many priorities and deadlines every day.

So not only capturing but holding their attention is key.

Independent research from Bain & Company and McKinsey suggests you have a maximum 8-week window to hold the attention of leaders before their focus shifts to new priorities, other business opportunities or they simply get bored.

Using these insight, we've designed Matae to help you maintain the focus of your leaders.

Our iterative approach

Change doesn't happen overnight, especially change that genuinely moves the needle. Implementing sustainable change requires maintaining leadership focus over an extend period of time.

Matae takes an iterative approach to leader activation by providing the tools and frameworks for eight-week activation cycles.

From a planning perspective, this allows you to focus your leader’s attention on what will have the greatest impact first and shift the focus from one cycle to the next.

Iterative leadership activation & Agile

Matae’s iterative approach works particularly well with Agile product delivery.

It enables leader activation cycles to be aligned with product releases, shifting leadership focus in the same rhythms as product delivery.

Find out how Matae enables Agile product delivery

Measurement the critical missing link

The challenge with most transformation programs is the indicators used to measure success are lagging metrics. Think technology utilisation measures or financial results.

Matae unlocks the ability to measure leading indicators. It enables teams to measure new leader and employee behaviours and track benefit realisation all in real time, not after the fact.

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