The main challenge is not technology!

In a 2021 HBR survey, 92% of business leaders said cultural challenges - not technological ones - represent the biggest impediment around technology initiatives.

Put simply, deploying the technology is the easy part, shifting employee behaviours to effectively use the technology is where the challenge lies.

Orgnisations that invest in transforming their people as part of their digital transformation are the ones most likely to realise the greatest return.

Matae for digital transformation

For many organisations investing in shifting behaviours as part of a digital transformation comes in as a distant second priority when compared to investing in the technology itself.

Technology solutions are commonly deployed with only high-level communications and basic training for the majority of users, assuming that once users have the technology in their hands, they will instantly be able to optimise its use!

Too often, little thought is given to identifying and implementing the new ways of working required to best leverage the new technology.

Matae enables organisations to easily define, implement and sustain the new ways of working required to maximise the return on investment in any new technology.

When considering large and complex digital transformation efforts, Matae's is the perfect solution. It provides project teams the ability to work across multiple solution deployments, understand cross-functional impacts and effectively engage stakeholders. Matae has also bee designed to support Agile.

Digital transformation

What we know about digital transformation efforts?

Goal Achievement
only 30%

of digital transformations reach their goals according to Harvard Business Review.

est. $900b

of the $1.3-trillion spent on digital transformation was wasted in 2018 according to Forbes.

Financial Return

of organisations report a significant positive impact on their financial performance after successful transformation according to McKinsey & Company.

Matae drives better change outcomes

Stakeholder engagement From Launch

Sharing the journey

Matae provides project teams a platform to effectively engage with their stakeholders throughout all phases of a digital transformation program - from launch to close-out.

It enables project teams to easily create and manage stakeholder groups and deliver a personalised experience to stakeholders optimising engagement and activation.

Matae is also a genuine two-way collaboration platform which connects stakeholders directly with project teams to provide real-time feedback and for support in the moments when they need it.

Identifying new ways of working

The right tool for the job

Matae makes identifying the new ways of working easy!

Based on global best practice in Applied Behaviour Science, Matae's Change Plan Wizard enables project teams to collaborate with business leaders and facilitate the identification of those behaviours most critical to delivering value from using any technology.

Through this process, Matae also helps to promote alignment among groups of leaders and individual buy-in that are both critical to sustaining new ways of working.

Beyond Deployment

Delivering business results

Matae doesn't stop working for your business when the technology is deployed!

Matae enables your leaders to continue to collaborate, track progress, identify issues and celebrate success well beyond deployment to ensure new ways of working are sustained.

In addition, Matae extends the measurement of digital transformation beyond technology user adoption. It reinforces the measurement and tracking of the critical business results that the technology enables. Helping keep your team's focus on the prize!

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