Get more out of Microsoft Teams!

Take your project’s Microsoft Teams use and collaboration to the next level with Matae.

Every project in your business is different, but the way each project engages with business leaders shouldn’t be, this only adds to the complexity of change!

We’ve standardised the layout of key project information and resources, making it easier for your leaders to find exactly what they need, when they need it, all in an app they use every day.

Microsoft Teams

What do we know about the challenges of using Microsoft Teams?

Goal Achievement
only 30%

of digital transformations reach their goals according to Harvard Business Review.

est. $900b

of the $1.3-trillion spent on digital transformation was wasted in 2018 according to Forbes.

Financial Return

of organisations report a significant positive impact on their financial performance after successful transformation according to McKinsey & Company.

Standardised information Layouts

Consistent and intuitive

No more searching through various channels, trying to figure out how to use different add-on apps, inconsistent content in Wiki or trying to find the latest version of file you needed 10mins ago.

Matae brings order to what is often a mis-mash of individual user defined ambiguity.

We provide a standard information structure that is intuitive, and when used across all your projects, makes using Teams like riding a bike.

Centralised Communications

Save leaders time

What if your leaders could go to only one place to see all your project’s communications?

Matae brings project Announcements, Feedback, Chat and Issue Communications all together in Teams.

Leaders can see the latest announcements from the project team, join project conversations, provide feedback and track the resolution of issues all from Matae’s project feed!

Plus, anytime they wish to revisit a communication they know exactly where to find it!

in the flow of work

Never miss a beat

We know leaders are busy, they don’t have time for yet another app. That’s why we built Matae in Microsoft Teams, a platform they use every day.

Not only that, Matae delivers a series of notifications, reminders & nudges through Teams native chat so your leaders don’t even have to go into the app to keep up with the latest from your project.

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