Consulting services for Change Leaders

Let us help you incorporate Collective Leadership Activation into your strategies and take your organisation's change capabilities to the next level.

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Consulting For Change Leaders

Collective Leadership Activation Strategy

Are you looking for a way to improve leader engagement and leader-led change?

Tap into our Collective Leadership Activation IP to bring leadership behaviour planning and activation into your toolkit.

We help you
*Define and prioritise employee new ways of working
*Define the collective leadership pre-go live actions
*Define the leader actions required to positively reinforce the employee new ways of working

What you get
*Employee new ways of working framework
*Collective leadership antecedent delivery plan
*Personalised leadership group action (consequence delivery) plans
*Plus, we provide you the tools to communicate and engage with your leadership and bring them on the journey

From $20,000

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COnsulting For Change Leaders

Change Champion Group Activation Strategy

Are you looking to unleash the capability of this highly influential group of change leaders?

Let us help you fully leverage the capabilities of this unique and powerful change leadership resource.

We help you
*Define the role of the change champion groups
*Identify opportunities for change champions to support business leaders (how they will interface with existing leadership)
*Define feedback channels
*Define support requirements and networks
*Define the role of their direct manager/s (what is expected of their leaders)

What you get
*Change Champion Group Charter
*Change Champion Groups Activation Plan
*Change Champion Manager Support Plan

From $15,000

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Consulting For Change Leaders

Change Manager Coaching

Are you looking for an experienced sounding board to nail your next project and help you grow your career, speak to us.

From $2,400 (6 sessions)

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Consulting Approach

Our consulting philosophy is focused on building project specific capability. We provide strategic change advisory support to project and change managers to help you sharpen your sword so your teams can execute with excellence. We’re not a body shop that relies on coming in and doing the heavy lifting, which means when we’re providing recommendations, we have no bias to pushing ancillary services that don’t focus purely on delivering business outcomes.

Our People

All our people are highly experienced professionals and know how to make change stick on the ground. Our consultants have worked across a broad range of industries in both the public and private sector. For clients seeking industry specific expertise we can source this from within our networks.  

Working with you

While we have great experience, we always start by asking questions to deeply understand your business. We know without the knowledge of just “how things get done around here” our advice is likely to miss the mark.    

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