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Lean on our years of experience and unbiased perspective to optimise your project's organisation change management.

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Consulting For IT & Project Managers

Scoping & Change Requirements

Are you planning a new IT system deployment and looking to understand your organisational change management (OCM) requirements?

Get an independent and unbiased assessment of your OCM and associated resourcing requirements for your projects.

We help you
*Define the changes and clearly articulate the desired future state (what success looks like)
*Define the change programs success measures (how success will be measured)
*Identify the employee groups impacted by the changes (who will need change support)
*Assess the high-level change support requirements for each group (what level of support is likely to be required)
*Identify the key risk areas and potential resistence (what's likely to get in the way)

What you get
*Change requirements and measurement summary
*Changes and risks assessment
*Impacted employee group definitions
*Future state summary for each impacted employee group
*Resourcing recommendation

Time Commitment: 1 x 1-day and 1 x .5-day workshops
From $12,000

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COnsulting For IT & Project Managers

Change Strategy

Does your team need help to define how organisational change management (OCM) will be delivered?

Lean on our years of experience to define the “best-fit” OCM approach for your project and develop a strategic roadmap and clear tracking measures to ensure your change program is set-up for success.

We help you
*Define the OCM approach and required frameworks/tools (how it will be done)
*Identify key change workstreams & milestones (what needs to be done)
*Determine your tracking measures and measurement approach (how to ensure its on-track)

What you get
*OCM approach definition, governance and toolkit
*OCM High Level Roadmap
*OCM Tracking & Measurement Plan

Time Commitment: 2 x 1-day workshops
From $15,000

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Consulting For IT & Project Managers

Understanding OCM - Learn From Us

Know organisational change management (OCM) is important to project success, but don't feel like you how or when it works - you're not alone.

In this 2-hour session, learn what good OCM looks like and how to track progress so you can identify people risks and course correct.

What help you
Better understand OCM and how to ensure its effective, measurable and fit-for-purpose (lean).

What you get
Let us share with you our insights and experience on
*What’s critically important (must do)
*What works (has the biggest impact)
*What to avoid (the bright shiny objects).
*Plus, we’ll give you the tools and questions to be asking your Change Managers to ensure they’re focused on the right outcomes.  

Time commitment: 2.5hr interactive training.
From: $2,000

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Consulting Approach

Our consulting philosophy is focused on building project specific capability. We provide strategic change advisory support to project and change managers to help you sharpen your sword so your teams can execute with excellence. We’re not a body shop that relies on coming in and doing the heavy lifting, which means when we’re providing recommendations, we have no bias to pushing ancillary services that don’t focus purely on delivering business outcomes.

Our People

All our people are highly experienced professionals and know how to make change stick on the ground. Our consultants have worked across a broad range of industries in both the public and private sectors. For clients seeking industry specific expertise we can source this from within our networks.  

Working with you

While we have great experience, we always start by asking questions to deeply understand your business. We know without the knowledge of just “how things get done around here” our advice is likely to miss the mark.    

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