Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

This famous Peter Drucker quote suggests that culture, or the actions of employees has a greater impact on business performance than any business strategy.

This is not to say that strategy is not important, it implies that the efficacy of any strategy relies on the actions of employees.

So how do you embed the behaviours critical to your strategy into the cultural fabric of your organisation? And when implementing new business critical strategies how do you get your people to adopt the new ways of working required to turn strategy into results?

Leaders that understand and can pull the leavers that shift culture will be the winners.

Matae driving culture

Organisational culture is defined as the common mind-sets (beliefs and assumptions) and behaviours that determine the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation.

While shifting mind-sets is challenging and takes time, shifting behaviours is relatively easy and achievable in much shorter time-frames. In addition, personal (behaviour) experience is proven to be one of the most powerful influencers of mind-set change.

Matae enables organisations to drive behaviour changes at the frontline by activating the primary influencer on an employee's behaviour, their direct manager.

Matae provides a platform for organisations to align all levels of management (from senior executives to front-line supervisors) around the critical behaviour changes needed to shift organisational culture. And it delivers each leader a toolkit to enable them to positively reinforce the behaviours of their team members.

Looking for the solution to drive culture change in your organisation? Look no further than Matae!


What we know about culture change.

Exec view

of entrepreneurs say a healthy culture at work is vital for success.

est. $900b

of the $1.3-trillion spent on digital transformation was wasted in 2018 according to Forbes.

Financial Return

of organisations report a significant positive impact on their financial performance after successful transformation according to McKinsey & Company.

Culture levers

There are 3 widely-accepted levers that have the greatest influence on organisational culture; leadership, story-telling and rituals. Interestingly these are typically all delivered by leaders in organisations and thus it is fair to say that the collective leadership of an organisation is critical to shifting culture. Aligning and activating leaders to effectively role model behaviours, communicate the stories and deliver rituals that reinforce the new behaviour is what's required.

Role-modelling & Recognition

Leadership role simplified

Matae provides project teams a platform to effectively engage with their stakeholders throughout all phases of a digital transformation program - from launch to close-out.

It enables project teams to easily create and manage stakeholder groups and deliver a personalised experience to stakeholders optimising engagement and activation.

Matae is a two-way collaboration platform which connects stakeholders directly with project teams to provide real-time feedback and support in the moments when they need it.


Purpose driven story-telling

Matae links strategic objectives directly to new behaviours making "the why" behind any culture change initiative visible for all stakeholders.

It provides leaders at all levels communication guides to ensure the consistency of messaging which enables leaders to easily find their voice and share culture change stories down-the-line.

The Matae Engagement Manager also provides a centralised planner for change teams to manage all program communications across Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Yammer to effectively curate messaging and build depth into the narrative.


Power of experience

People believe what they see and feel! Matae helps change teams to activate leaders to deliver new culture experiences through their regular team rituals.

Consider an organisation that is trying to foster a culture of candid feedback, imagine if all their leaders implemented a 10min open feedback session in their weekly team meetings where leaders create a 100% safe space for their team to provide upward feedback and simply listened and took notes on what they heard, thanking each person for sharing their feedback. This would no doubt be a powerful experience.

Matae enables change teams to develop these rituals that help leaders to practice role-modelling the behaviours and walk-the-talk in a regular visible forum. By doing so, leaders can help build competence and confidence among their team members to adopt the desired new behaviours - this is leader-led change.

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